Sales Mastery Class

Everyone in an organization sales; whether a front office secretary or a back-end systems developer. Sales professionals form the majority of self-made millionaires in every part of the planet. But while some professionals go ahead to become big success in the industry, others barely survive. The current economic times have made things even worse among those with inadequate skills, while posing the best opportunity for those top sellers.
In this Sales Mastery Class, you will be able to improve your ability to sell with ease and accelerate your growth in the industry while enjoying pleasant returns. If you're in business or in the sales profession or intending to start a business, this course is for you. You will enjoy every bit. We're known for simplicity, practicability and optimal impact. See the feedback from previous session in the below 4 minutes clip.
We conducted this training 3 weeks ago, and many of you have called for another round of it before we move to the next. We heeded your call. Here it is! Register now! Take advantage of the discounts below. The following video is a sample of last time's session.
Register by Friday the 6th, May 2022, save 300/=
If you're 2 people, you pay Kes.8,000.00.
If you're 4 people, you pay Kes.12,000.00
If you're 8 people, you pay Kes.20,000.00

For participants outside the country, just fill the form and indicate in the instructions which form of payment works for you, so we can get in touch. ONLY LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR HIGHER IMPACT
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Pay Via MPESA: Pay Bill Number 247247 account number 666924. You will get certificate upon successful completion

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