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Sales Mastery Class

Sales is one subject that each of us engages in daily but hardly understand what it is. Sales is what determines each person's income capacity and career/business growth. Selling is what bring revenue to an organization and pay every bill including salary. Sales is what keeps the world moving and money in circulation. Above all, great salespeople never miss opportunities; they are always head-hunted and given higher salaries.
Here is the truth; everyone in your organization is selling your organization. This is happening whether you know/like it or not, whether they know/like it or not. Right from the person at the gate to the top person who perhaps hardly meets clients in any way. Again, wherever anyone is, away from work or within the organization's premises, whether profit-making or not-for-profit, they are selling your organization. The question is whether they're chasing away or drawing closer your (potential) customers.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the Sales Mastery Course, the participants should be able to:
  • Explain what it means to sell and distinguish it from peddling
  • Identify effective prospecting ideas and follow through to closing
  • Create an effective sales presentation following the psychology of selling.
  • Comfortably handle sales objections and rejections
  • Attain an attitude that promotes success in the sales industry and conduct themselves as real Sales Professionals.
  • Increase their ability to sell by at least 50%

Target Group

The Sales Mastery Course is aimed at the following groups of people:
• Freelance entrepreneurs/professionals aiming to improve their revenue.
• All those who are running enterprises as managers or owners.
• Those who are in customer service or sales/business development.
• All those who are involved in serving a customer at any point
• Those who want to climb the ladder in their career; whether entry-level or otherwise.
• Must have access to the Zoom application and get an internet connection.

Sales Mastery Course Registration for Organizations

Upcoming Sales Mastery Class For Individuals Registration

We have a VIRTUAL class run on Zoom platform that will begin on 30th of August 2024 up to 4th of October; running every Friday from 7:30am to 9:30am. These are 6 sessions; one module a session. We shall cover the 6 Modules of the course.
Modules Description
The modules are designed to run sequentially from Module 1, where we handle a lot to do with the psychology of selling, including the motivations behind buying and how to manage the emotions of buying. In a world where selling is what keeps everything moving, it is important to understand the fundamentals that drive success in this marketplace.
Module 2 discusses how to design an effective sales presentation, and how to deliver a good sales pitch; the art and science it takes, the psychology involved, etc. Next, we proceed to Module 3 that discusses the A to Z of selling and the tools required for effective selling. Selling is usually a repeatable process and a successful sales professional has to develop a simple, duplicable and scalable system that works. You cannot succeed without a workable system, and making good use of tools.
Module 4 helps participants to explore some of the most effective and modern prospecting techniques; thereby increasing the prospects base, which means higher chances of revenue increase. From that we handle, in Module 5, how to effectively close a sale. Having a great presentation does not necessarily lead to closing if your closing skill is weak. You have to know all available closing styles and choose which one would be effective in what circumstances, learning how to handle objections in a way that lead to closing.
Lastly, we conclude with Module 6 that helps participants to understand certain principles that govern selling industry; attitudes and behaviours, lack of which knowledge many people fail. We also share the 5 Goldmines in a selling career.
This course requires an investment of KES.18000 (or $144.00), which means a module is only KES.3000 ($24). Payments are to be made either through Card, PayPal, MPESA (Pay Bill 247247 Acc.666924) or direct bank transfer.

SAVE 20% by registering before 29th July 2024.

Sales Mastery Course Registration for Individuals

Note: A Training Needs Assessment will be shared with those who have registered for the course