Starting Your Business

Soft Landing, Smooth Takeoff
This is our way to ensure you turn your dream of owning a business organization into a reality. We start you from the business idea generation all the way to seeing your business running, and then we walk with you along the way. You no longer have to struggle alone because we are with you.
Some of the Deliverables Include:
  1. A Valid Business Idea
  2. A Business Plan 
  3. Business Name Reservation Notice
  4. Company Registration Certificate
  5. All statutory documents for opening a bank account
  6. Opening of a bank account
  7. Logo & Letterhead 
  8. Business Domain Registration
  9. Business Email Addresses set up
  10. Profile/Content Development 
  11. Website design & development 
  12. Technical support 
  13. On-going business mentoring (12 months)

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We will save you money, time, and energy. You don't have to learn from your own mistakes. We have it all figured out. Learn from our experience. Wise people learn from other people's experiences. You can chat on WhatsApp below, or fill out the contact form here, or call

Our  Business in Brief

We walk with you all the way from the start to the point where you achieve your goals and Live Your Dream! If you have started, we support you with knowledge, skills, experience, and tools that help you achieve desired growth. Our aim is to help you build profitable, agile and sustainable businesses & organizations.

We leverage on our partnerships with various stakeholders in the ecosystem, using technology and innovation, private sector development & market systems development initiatives to catalyze growth of entrepreneurship and support organizations to scale & thrive.