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Friday, January 13, 2023

He was most certainly not your average hunter, it is one thing to be good at something and another to be skilled at it. There is a difference between being a farmer and a skilled farmer, a chef and a skilled chef, a writer, and being a skilled writer…it narrows down to style, presentation, depth, and creativity. It is in the appropriate application of knowledge.

Going the extra mile is where the magic happens. Think about a skillful athlete or footballer, the story behind their success is always tied to preparation, practice, and grit; they have coaches who help them hone their craft, and they are not loners. This also implies that you should surround yourself with people who will support you in honing your craft.

Skilled individuals put in the work in private before showing up in public. There are so many success stories all around us, and when these stories are told the following similarities emerge; skilled individuals are quite knowledgeable about what they do, they possess a certain level of proficiency, and don't we admire people who express their expertise so effortlessly?

Think of a salesperson who is knowledgeable about the product they are selling, is tactful, understands the market and customer needs, is creative and patient, keen to explain the benefits of the product to the consumer without being pushy before actually selling, they are solution oriented. And with these attributes and attitude, purchasing their product becomes inevitable.

The power of skill is irrefutable, skilfulness gives you a competitive advantage, and through it, you can make a significant impact on yourself, your niche, and the community around you.

Only skilled people create value for others in a world in need of solutions. Helping others by sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise enhances your skill; you also grow by helping others in developing themselves too, this is also known as ‘practice’.

Additionally, participating in industry events and forums can also be beneficial because you have the opportunity to network, learn from other experts in your niche, and learn about new and outdated strategies to remain relevant.

Understanding the terrain of your industry, niche or chosen field is also important, it takes work but in order for you to stand out you must make the effort. Strategically positioning yourself as a high-value individual through the power of skill, staying current on emerging trends, and constantly adapting through learning will give you a competitive advantage in your field even as you gain valuable insights into best practices.

You owe it to yourself to keep learning and unlearning, just like a jigsaw puzzle, you will be able to fall securely in place when opportunities arise.

The ongoing disruption through technology has been a real test of skills and abilities, both soft and technical. It is paramount, therefore, that you aim to have a diversification of skills. A diverse skill set is a catalyst for the creation of more opportunities. Upgrading and improving your skills should be a daily habit in preparation for current and future opportunities, just like in the case of the athlete or footballer. This is your personal responsibility; put into practice what you learn both from a book, a course, observation, and through networking opportunities and be mindful of the daily action steps you take.

You must be willing to embrace change by taking on new responsibilities, this forces you to either upgrade your current skills or learn new ones, if we are to discharge our roles effectively. Bravery requires us to push through our insecurities and imposter syndrome and do what needs to be done, in this case, an upgrade of skills, which may be time-consuming, mundane and may not produce immediate results and rewards; even so, we ought to still push through.

In conclusion, skilled individuals are not afraid to seize opportunities, and when these opportunities are not available, they create and develop their own.

So, the next time you find yourself admiring and discussing the skill-sets of others, you might as well stand up and be counted, because you are a high value individual!

Esau was not just a hunter, but a skilled hunter! And this is the power of skill.

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