Sales Mastery Course

Everyone sells in your organization. The question is whether they sell for or against your organization. We can help you improve this skill in order increase your revenue by at least 50%. Chat with us...

Personal Finance Management

Some subjects will affect you whether you like it or not. And if you have a workforce, no matter how much you pay them. If they don't learn this subject, they will never be happy. Whether group or individual, let's help you out.
All your capacity building needs
We are your personal development partners of choice. We facilitate your workshops and team buildingsessions. We equip and inspire you and your team, we provide business consultations.

Our Services, broadly speaking

Training & Capacity Building

This program addresses the unique business and people needs of Corporates, NGOs, and Entrepreneurs by using innovative solutions to make them Agile. We handle a long list of topics, customized according to your unique needs e.g. Training Needs Assessment, Budget, Time Available, Target Audience, and any other parameter that might require attention. The LYD recommended time duration for the subjects ranges between 6 and 30 hours. 

Business Development Services (BDSs)

This program entails walking with Potential and existing Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) and helping them in their journey from Business Idea generation and Business Growth to Profitability.
The Incubation and Acceleration programs are designed to help entrepreneurs minimize the possibility of failure, reduce the costs of starting and running their businesses, maximize profits, expand markets, and save time, money, and energy. The enterprises create decent jobs, enjoy economic growth, and run sustainable businesses

Team Building Facilitation

We have a unique way of handling team building that makes our customers keep coming back again and again, and they gladly recommend us to their clients. We endeavor to make every experience memorable and life-changing. The sessions and activities, supplemented with power talks, are customized to address the specific needs of organizations. The teams come out re-energized, mission-oriented, cohesive, and resilient, ready to move the organization to the next level.  We make learning Fun, fun, and more fun! Learn More


LYD gives talks on a wide range of life and business subjects. The talks are designed according to the target audience which range from students to adults in a work environment, various groups, chamas, clubs among others. The talks inform, reform and transform the participants in one way or the other; equipping and inspiring them to Live their Dreams. The standard duration is 45 minutes. Also included is Corporate Master of Ceremony (MC) services for corporate and business events.

SIYB Program

We have a large team of vetted ILO-SIYB certified trainers who are themselves experienced business people with high competence in delivery of the ILO-SIYB content. The program ensures cost reduction, market expansion,  economic growth and sustainability. Reach out.
Women in Digital Business (WIDB)
LYD partners with International Labour Organization (ILO), ITC-ILO, Microsoft & ICT Gurus EA Limited to provide one of a kind training specifically designed to empower women entrepreneurs on the use of technology in growing their enterprises. We help them to understand the role of technology, acquire the knowledge and skill they need to make technology related decisions, design simple e-marketing materials, understand the social media, email and web infrastructure and contribute positively in tech related discussions that affect their businesses.
This is course has the following topics:
  1. The Pros & Cons of Tech in your Business: This gives you the objective analysis of the impact of (not) using technology in your enterprise and lets you judge for yourself what would work for you.
  2. Tech Language: This helps you to understand the various terminologies tech people use in order to help you speak the same language at the same frequency.
  3. Digital Audit: Helping you audit your current status of your business as far as tech is concerned.
  4. Online Presence: Helping you know what it takes to have a dependable, affordable and secure online presence that gives you value for your investment; also learning what (not) to do with respect to putting your organization online. This includes social media use etc.
  5. Selling Online: What it takes to make sales online, the selling process, the psychology of selling and lead creation.
  6. Adapting Business Processes: Making your business fully digitalized and taking care of the various business processes like online payments, security, etc.
  7. Harnessing the power of online tools like AI, Graphics Design, Marketplaces to improve your business/online content & branding.
Timeless Leadership
Leadership is at the core of Living Your Dream! As we grow in our leadership and continue to grow the number of leaders in our organization, work becomes easier and growth becomes just a matter of when and not if.
Here at LYD, we're passionate about building Timeless Leaders; those whose impacts will go for generations. Here are some of the topics we discuss:
  1. Timeless Leaders Attitude & Mindset : What defines these leaders?
  2. Setting up a Timeless Foundation : The critical building blocks of a Timeless Leadership Foundation & How to Establish The Foundation.
  3. The Power of Language for Timeless Leaders : Developing unwavering influence.
  4. Developing a Dependable Team : No One Does It Alone, but Judas will always appear. How do you deal with him?
  5. Problem-Solving Strategies for Timeless Leaders : The Bigger the Problems you solve, the Higher your Value in the Marketplace.
  6. A Timeless Leader's Toolbox : Indispensable tools for a Timeless Leader
  7. Psychology of Change: Stretching the comfort zone, all in one accord.
  8. Emotional Intelligence for Timeless Leaders : The Psychology of Mental Toughness at the Apex.
  9. The Diamond Epitaph : Utter Fulfillment Yonder

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