Women in Digital Business (WIDB) Class

  • WIDB is a newly launched program by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO) aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs with essential digital skills to leverage technology for business growth. Initiated in 2023, the course content was primarily developed by ITC-ILO. However, our organization, Live Your Dream, delivers an enriched version, incorporating locally and regionally relevant content designed in collaboration with our sister organization ICT Gurus EA Limited.
  • Apart from Self-guided modules through WIDB platform, LYD is partnering with ITC-ILO to deliver this course both virtually via the Zoom platform and through in-person sessions. LYD has two Lead Trainers certified by ITC-ILO to customize and deliver the course effectively. We welcome partnerships with other organizations in this noble endeavour to equip women with critical digital skills, enabling them to transition from manual processes and traditional marketing strategies to online and digitized platforms, thus enhancing their brands beyond the confines of their physical presence.
To learn register for this course, either for yourself or your organization, or to partner with usreach out
The course content includes the following:
  • Introduction to digitization and digital transformation
  • What it takes to have your business online, and factors to consider.
  • How to choose between online platforms and technologies available
  • What to consider when choosing between using an online shop/marketplace and your own platforms.
  • How to develop your own simple websites using templates and CMSs
  • Developing your own contents like photos, videos, text for your online presence
  • How to sell online and the various strategies to enhance your sales
  • The use of social media in selling
  • How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business and content development.
  • Security for your online presence and the various online payment and delivery logistics.
This course has a self-guided component done through the WIDB platform, which shall be accessed through this link.

Target Group

WIDB is specifically designed for women entrepreneurs who: @: Own or manage an established enterprise with up to 20 employees,
@: Have been in business for at least 6 months 
@: Want to leverage on the power of digital tools in their business 
@: Can dedicate at least 30 hours for this course

@: Can read and write and make basic calculations 
@: Have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet connection
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