As Napoleon Hill said, "old man failure is always on the path to success, waiting for those who fail the persistence test."
We know that all success come to those who refuse to quit; refuse to throw in the towel. Abraham Lincoln is one of America’s most phenomenal Presidents. But few people experienced failure like he did.
In one year, 1832, he lost his job, contested for a legislative seat and lost, tried to get int...

Here's what I've discovered; sometimes life throws a rock at you, not to harm you, but to wake you up! You see, human beings are not like trees. Trees perform better when they are most comfortable.

1:To be a leader means someone or some people are following you. The number of people who can WILLINGLY follow you determines your level of leadership. This is very critical irrespective of your career, background or mission. You want more and more people to believe in you and follow you with genuineness. The number one reason is TRUST! No one shall willingly follow someone whom he..